Hungry Hill Backwards


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Name in MCM2:Hungry Hill Backwards
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Release Date:Jan 31, 2012
Trivia:This is the First New Track for 2012!
Creators Comments:A note from MDx_chris774:

Hi Hope everybody is fit and well.
Last year i made a track, called Hungry Hill.
Thought it might be a good idea, to reverse the track.
I had to lengthen some of the landing area, on some
of the jumps, as i found, i was out jumping the straights.
Thier is a double table top jump towards the end of the lap.
Which can send the bike into a somersault, if hitting the
second table top wrong.
I think the backwards version is a lot better, then the forward version

The Sky Scene is from a place, called Forar, in Scotland.
Hungry Hill Backwards, is more of a downland terrain.
Rather then a Hilly Circuit.
The lap time is a round 1.43, i have been faster, but to be truefull
i forgot my fastest time.
hope you all enjoy the track.
have fun Chris

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