YUU-Nuh-dilluh – unadilla


File Size:17.7 MB
Name in MCM2:YUU-Nuh-dilluh
.env File:YUU-Nuh-dilluh.env
Save in:..\Teraform\National\
Downloaded by:241 riders so far.
MCM1 Remake:No
Release Date:Apr 10, 2012
Creators Comments:A note from MDx_chris774:

Hi Guy’s, My latest track is called YUU-Nuh-dilluh.
Firstly, i would like to say a very big thank VRT_McD and MDx_ART, who both
beta tested YUU-Nuh-dilluh for me, VRT_McD sent me Video’s and a lot of advice, forYUU-Nuh-dilluh,
so i could get the track, near as possible to the real track.
MDx_ART, spent a lot of time, making sure the objects and spline was O K, but i think i asked to much
of him, when i realised, the finish Arch, was in the wrong place and i had to redo the spline, so the finish
line is in the correct place, While I’m thinking about it, the 1st time you go through the finish arch, you will
will still be on the 1ST lap (not a armadillo glitch), the lap time’s are inconsistant, as there are plenty of different line’s or bumps,
that could affect you time, while on a hot lap.Airbrakes are needed in parts of the track.
There are no tree’s or objects on the perimitor tiles, as i wanted the frame rates as high as possible.
Not going to say, anything about the track, and let the track speak for it’s self.
have fun and thanks for downloading YUU-Nuh-dilluh.

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