Offroaders II – Slackjaws Revenge


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Name in MCM2:Offroaders II
.env File:Offroaders2.env
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MCM1 Remake:No
Release Date:Aug 12, 2005
Creators Comments:A note from Stingray:

Stingray sez;

What we have here is a fast trail for the most part with a lotta differnt kinda stuff to ride over. It’s pretty wide most places but narrows a bit here n there. You motorcrossers might wanna duck tape your airboxes cuz Cletus said the puddles wuz a little deep in places. Also money wuz a little tight for this years race so we ain’t got a lotta trail markers so be careful till you know where you’re going. There a tricky section back there thats gonna throw ya around a bit and get ya slippin n slidin. All I can tell ya is git thru there as best ya can and watchout for the dropoff. Cletus was runnin laps around 2:45 but he’s still ridin that penton so yous guys should keep up ez. ; ) Have fun and enjoy the ride.

Thanks to TD, The VMXguys, and whoever else I got these objects from.


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