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Name in MCM2:Maverick
.env File:MAVERICK.env
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MCM1 Remake:No
Release Date:Sep 1, 2006
Creators Comments:A note from Stingray:

Ok guys, been workin on this for a while. Lotta off camber stuff, and natural terrain here.
There are berms to catch you on the outside of the turns but they are not big enough to slam into
and bounce off of so you have to watch your speed in places. The second turn is tricky and
while you may make a hard cut at speed sometimes, it’s best to slow down and make sure
because it will bite you most of the time if you don’t. Sky by 51 objects by TD, VMX and others
who I can’t recall at this time. Thanks guys. I hope you enjoy the ride as I had a lot of fun here while
making this one.

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