Jagged Edge


File Size:10.0 MB
Name in MCM2:Jagged Edge
.env File:Jagged_Edge.env
Save in:..\Teraform\National\
Downloaded by:199 riders so far.
MCM1 Remake:No
Release Date:Nov 29, 2004
Creators Comments:A note from B2R_StingRay:

Well folks I’m back to my old style tracks again. Vet DC was the inspiration for this one because he always seemed to like these bumpy style tracks. You will have to work at it to get around this one. There are a LOT of bumps and you will have to try and find a rhythm through them. Not an easy task but once you put some laps in it should start coming together. Some big steep hills along the way will get ya going and slow ya down too. Brakes will come in handy here n there also.

Thanks to falcon for the max render of my textures and a little touchup as well. Thanks to some of the zone regulars for testing the early betas and falcon once again for testing the final ones with me. TD, VMX, Whiteboy, and whoever else for objects and C&B for another cool cube. Enjoy and don’t forget your kidney belt. ; )


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