Site Status

  • Build all of the track pages
  • • Initial pages of Nats are in place, somewhere just under 300 Nats being hosted now.
    • Completed adding all of the calls for custom CSS elements in the HTML.
    • Currently adding the initial pages of SX tracks to the site, I’ll pull the tracks from my old MCM2 machine, and track back up discs – which should mean hosting a couple hundred more tracks minimum.
    • Currently populated alphabetical listings will have more tracks inserted because of the above – so don’t quit looking at existing alphabetical listings in the menu, there’s more to come. See the “What’s New” page for the most recent updates.

  • Build the Sidebar components
  • • Added link to Voobly, and links for other sites hosting tracks.
    • Added link to the “What’s New On This Site?” page.
    • Added links to the latest track uploads, tracks generously contributed to this site. This list will remain at a dozen (once I get my first dozen uploads).
    • Will add my definition (you’ll see).
    • Need to think of something else useful for the sidebar.

  • Build “Quick Search” functionality into the menu bar
  • • Basics are done, and it was done with forward expansion in mind.
    • The current plans are for expanding the list of the “Legendary Track Makers”, and expanding the list of the TD Crew.
    • Other ideas for the Quick Search: Replica Tracks, WFO Type, Technical Type, My Favorites.

  • Take the site Public
  • • The site won’t be anywhere near complete for some time, but going public now (August 28, 2011) since it has a lot of possibly useful stuff in place.
    • Will be contacting the track makers I can still locate to verify that they authorize how their work is being presented, and see if they can offer more details for the creator’s comments.

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