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Search Bar – Does more than just search tracks by name or creator

  • Want to find all tracks that are MCM1 remakes?
    • Type in “remake yes”, and hit enter.
  • Found a strange .env file on your machine, and want to know which track it is?
    • Type the whole file name in the Search Bar, hit enter. Example: pbgage4.env

MCM2 Help

How To Install Tracks

  • Locate where you have MCM2 installed on your machine.
    • Right click on the desktop icon that launches MCM2, and select “Properties” from the popup menu.
    • In the Properties window that opens, look under the “Shortcut” tab for the words “Start in:”
    • That is the path to the drive and root folder where your MCM2 is installed.
  • For National tracks: copy or save the .env file to “MCM2 Root”\TERAFORM\NATIONAL\
  • For Supercross tracks: copy or save the .env file to “MCM2 Root”\TERAFORM\SX\

Make MCM2 play on your Win7 (32 or 64 bit) with four or more GB of RAM

  • Go to Start > Search, and type in “msconfig”. (C:\Windows\System32\msconfig.exe)
  • Click on “msconfig.exe”, go to the “Boot” tab, and click the “Advanced options…” button.
  • Select the “Maximum memory:” check box, set the value to “2047″, and click OK twice.
  • Reboot, and launch the game.

Where To Race Online – Remember MCM2 in the Zone?  Voobly will bring back some serious memories.

3 thoughts on “Help

  1. This is awsome I don’t think I’ll ever be able to play this game again I’m a Mac user but I miss the zone and all the great peeps I met there

    • Man, VRT_Bird?!?! Great To See Ya!! I’ve got to figure out how to move your comment over to the main/Home page. Your greeting needs to be seen! :) Don’t let the Mac hold ya back. Remember Whiteboy? I know Whiteboy just made a track in the past month or so, and he did it on a Mac. I’m sure if you can create trax on a Mac, you can race on a Mac. If I don’t get back into the MCM2 scene quick enough, you can ask him yourself over on the TwistedD.I.R.T. forum. Both he and the forum are still active. The link is over to the right under More Track Hosts. Thanks for stopping in, and please comment on any of the tracks here, especially yours. :) Take Care … Thrash Hard!!

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