Cold Hill


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Release Date:Mar 10, 2012
Creators Comments:A note from MDx_chris774:

Good Day, Cold hill is a reverse version of Languish.
i made 3 attempts to get the start chute to work.
1st attempt, i could not get the speed for the 1st uphill.
2nd attempt i tried a diagonal run up to the 1st hill, the bike
kept jumping off track, from the start.
the 3rd attempt was very successfull. which works very well.
A good lap time, would be around the 1.55 mark.
not forgetting the first lap,is just half a lap.
Their are Table top Jumps, normal jumps, and a downhill jump
on the last downhill, i have placed an ambulance at the bottom of the hill.
Just turn the Sky on for just one race, as it has a brilliant view of the
British country side.
Have fun and enjoy the track, Chris.

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