What’s New On This Site?

  • Currently In Production
  • • Will progress through the National tracks adding yet another batch of my archives I’ve located.
    • Check the bottom of this page for tracks added most recently (hopefully I’ll be able to update this daily).
    • Since I’ve recently figured how to get the TwistedD.I.R.T. “Creator Comments” to show up in their original format, those will be getting updated as I come across them.
    • Located more verifications of tracks here that are MCM1 remakes, and will be updating their pages along with pictures from their MCM1 versions.

  • Recently Completed
  • • “Almost” all base pages for Nationals and Supercross are now done.
    • Caveat to above statement: a few letters of the alphabet are missing from Nats and SX, these will be populated as I dig further into my archive.
    • Menu for downloads was redesigned so it works correctly for mobile devices.
    • Added VMX_ElDiablo and VRT_Tomato to the Quick Search for Legendary Creators.

  • “Latest Uploads” on the right sidebar
  • • The track links you see there are gifts from creators helping support this site with their personal works and contributions.
    • Grab their tracks if you can. These guys are good, and it would be cool to give them big “numbers of downloads”. Motivation is always a good thing ;)

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