AMA Kenworthy

Creator:B2R_StingRay & DC Creations

File Size:11.2 MB
Name in MCM2:AMA Kenworthy
.env File:KENWORTHY.env
Save in:..\Teraform\National\
Downloaded by:254 riders so far.
MCM1 Remake:No
Release Date:June 14, 2004
Creators Comments:A note from B2R_StingRay:

This is our rendition of another one of the AMA National tracks. I’ve been to nearly every national here and have seen some great battles over the years. I think we’ve captured the feel and fun of this classic track and hope you enjoy a trip to Troy, Ohio.

Thanks to the TD guys, Whiteboy, X2, and all the object guys for their creations.

Also thanks to the usual suspects on the zone for testing beta after beta with us.
U guys ROCK!!!

Biggest thanks go to DC for endlessly tweaking and then retweaking at my request. And especially for his input on getting this riding properly and looking great. Great job bro !!!

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