Hay Pick Rise


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Name in MCM2:Hay Pick Rise
.env File:haypickrise.env
Save in:..\Teraform\National\
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MCM1 Remake:No
Release Date:Dec 14, 2011
Creators Comments:A note from MDx_chris774:

Hi Guys, Firstly, I would like say a big thank you, to VRT_McD.
For giving us a new site, so we can download old Classic Tracks.
and a Place where, Track creaters can upload new tracks.
Hay Pick Rise, Is a fairly simple track to race on, got a few jumps
to worry about,+ plus the usual berms, i have giving some parts of
the track wider then other parts of the track, reason being, you can
find different lines, going into the hair pin turns.
My fastest lap time is 1:51.38. Nearly forgot, the track is bumpy in place’s.
have fun Chris.

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