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Name in MCM2:Poonanny
.env File:Poonanny.env
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MCM1 Remake:No
Release Date:Mar 11, 2008
Creators Comments:A note from Stingray:

This track is mostly natural terrain with a lot of small elevation changes and a dangerous whoop section. There’s also some ruts, strategically placed bumps, and objects to impede your progress. Mostly wfo but there’s places you’ll have to be careful with your lines or you’ll be taking a soil sample before you know it. The whoops are tough to get down, and I’ve had the best luck trying to skim em but just when you think you’ve got it they’ll smack you down and send ya flyin. Kinda easy yet kinda tough, this has been a lot of fun during testing and makes for a great online race track. Thanks to Shadow, Falcon, Tech, Chris, Speed, hogg, and anyone else who may have tested this with us.

Have fun,

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