Good to see ya!

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63 thoughts on “Good to see ya!

  1. Great to see, that MCM2 is being supported by you.
    I have several new tracks, that have not been released,
    would you be intrested in have them here.
    thanks MDx_chris774

  2. You guys are too cool!! Awesome of you to stop by, give me valuable comments on the tracks, and even offer your collection of tracks for the site. Of course any tracks you two offer are truly wlecome here, they’ll have a nice safe home. I still need to finish the CSS format for the track pages before I upload more of my own and yours, so please be patient with my slowness. Also, I don’t have the fancy uploader like MDx Racing used to have, so I’ll have to create an FTP server on my server for you to upload to. Thanks for stopping in, hang out as long as you want, and talk all you’d like – this place is for guys like you. Take Care … Thrash Hard!!

  3. Thanks McD, when ever you are ready, to have new tracks, i will be rady to
    upload them. I get word to my brother Colin,( tech) and the other guys i know who create track or
    are still racing MCM2.
    have fun chris

  4. Hiya HOGG, thanks for stopping in. The effort is just getting started, there’s more stuff to come. It’s my way of saying thank you to all the racers I’ve run with, the creators who worked so hard to give us tracks, and to any who get the itch to fire up the game again. By the way, are you the same Hog that’s been around since MCM1, the one who made tracks like “Hogs Back Pain”? If so, I miss the “oink-oink”.

  5. Hey Hoggy, let you know, that i have just about finished the reverse version,
    of Billys 1st Playground, had to do some work, on one or two of the jumps.
    reason being , i was face planting into the face of last triple jump..
    i get it to you later tonight.
    Oink Oink.

  6. Hey guys good to see you all on here i see you have a lot of tracks here will have to start downloading them, hey John, chris good to see you, John we will have to do some bermbashing on voobly
    take care and have fun


    • Hiya Colin, Awesome to see ya here!! Grab all the tracks ya want, have fun. If you register here, then you won’t have to wait for me to authorize your comments, it should be automatic for you. Also, keep checking back, I intend to have a lot more tracks here, plus other things. Take care man, talk to ya soon!!

  7. Hello VRT_McD, like MDx_chris774 I’ve got a couple of new MCM2 Nationals track of my own making that I would like to upload here if I can so I really look forward to you finalizing an upload link for us to do this. Anyway, very well done with making this new site! Many thanks MDx_ART

    • Hiya ART, thanks for posting, and sorry it took me so long to reply. You posted this about two days after I left the country, and I had almost no internet access at all. I just got home late last night. I’m looking for a way to do the automated upload, but I can’t foresee just when this will happen. I’ll be glad to set up an FTP account for you to upload to. Let me know if you’re interested in this solution for now?

      • Hi VRT_McD, how are you after your time away? Anyway, will you please set up an FTP account for me so that I can upload new tracks of mine to.
        Many thanks.

        • Hiya ART, doing good, thanks for asking. Your account is setup, check your email for the login details you’ll need. And I’m glad to have your tracks on site. Thanks for sharing them man!

  8. OMG, im speechless, i just searched google to find a download link for my old track “King of the hill” and seriously ive been blown away by this… half of these tracks i created and other tracks i havent seen for years!!! and years and realyly forgotten id even created untill i seen the titles… this is amazing VRT!!!

    Hit me up on facebook if you have it, we can talk for sure!!! see whats been going on!

    In shock, amazing site.. and must be reletively new? as ive serached mcm2 stuff many times before and never stumbled across this! great job.

    • Honored to have one of the legends stop in with such generous compliments, thanks for taking a look around. You’re right about the site being new, it’s still got a lot more to be added (, and I’m pretty sure this will include more of your tracks I’ve got stashed somewhere. I keep promising people I’ll join facebook, so it’s going to happen sooner than later. If you want to leave a comment on any of your tracks pages I have here, please do so? Registering on the site will allow your comments to show up immediately instead of waiting for me to “approve” them. Just in case you didn’t see this already, you can find your tracks in the Quick Search bar (Legendary Track Makers). ;)

    • Thank you for making such incredible, legendary tracks, and for being the cornerstone of the game we’ve all known so intimately over the years. When I started this site, I was only hoping to be helpful to the remaining riders out there, my way of thanking the community for all they’ve done. I had no idea so many great people in the game would find this site. In fact, I’m so humbled by your visit, I’m gonna shut up now. ;)

  9. Howdy guys and thanks McD for keeping this all still alive in a usable form. It is just way cool how this keeps going. I’d be more than happy to provide any assistance that I am able and of course the tracks that I produced are avaialable for upload should they be desired.

    Again, thank you for the efforts and well done!

    • Good to see ya man!! Been way too long, so please always feel welcome here! You know, this site was created because I was gathering all of these tracks (and more) for MDx Racing when it vanished. Glad you like the site, it does mean a lot since you guys were the inspiration. Of course your tracks are not only desired, I look forward to, and would be honored to host them. The only assistance I really need is that if you created the track, I would love to have your comments on that track page. I will create and send you the ftp info for uploading your tracks this week – sorry, only method I’m capable of for creating track uploads at this point.

      … BTW, the only tracks I currently have for you are when you were “OTHG_Wayne_”. I still have more archives of mine to hunt through though ;)

      • Thanks Man! In addition to my tracks, both as OTHG and as MDx, I’ve probably got over 1400 others that I have collected over the years. I can make any number of those available. Just let me know how many of those you might be interested in.

        Just send me the ftp link when you get the chance and I’ll get my tracks uploaded, with comments of course, in a very short time there after.

  10. Hi Wayne, How are you keeping, Just wondering, i managed to download ,the best of my tracks from MDx_racing, one of the tracks i did not get a chance to down load was, The Best of Both Worlds, that was a SX / NATIONAL track.
    If you have got it, could you please, let me have the track.
    Very Much Appriciated , have fun chris

  11. Thanks Wayne, the Track was called Best Of Both Worlds.
    the env file name could have been either bestofbothworlds or bestbothworlds.
    hope you had a great christmas,
    have fun chris

  12. Cool site McD! Long time no see. I almost gave up on finding any recent activity that had to do with mcm2 until i stumbled across this place. Good to see some people are still playing. Sure do miss the good old days on the zone. Thanks for the d/l’s….i had been looking everywhere for Funky Flyer SE.


    • Hiya McCreary, glad ya found the place! Sorry it took so long to reply, been running into issues here. Help yourself to anything you want of course, and leave comments on which ever tracks you have some interesting memories of. Have fun, and let me know if there’s anything I can do for you? Take Care … Thrash Hard!!

  13. Absolutely wonderful to see MC2 legends still around!
    I still play it regularly offline, Nats and SX mostly.
    I noticed MDX Racing went down, big bummer for the long lasting MCM-community
    wich always seems to re-group somewhere! Good to see all the Famous old timers here.
    I never cared much about the other MX games, MCM has never left my PC-routine!
    Trying to get this Voobly thing to work now.

    Thanks a lot for this MCM2 website. We might take this game into the next millenium!

    • Hiya Tech, I’ve got a long overdue e-mail I’ve been meaning to send you (for a couple of months anyway). I should have it to you tonight. I’ll include the answer to your question here in the e-mail. Good to see you man, and I’ll talk to you soon.

  14. thankyou, can you put tracks up under VRT_TECH as i am on VRT_TEAM, JP and Dave decided i should join your team and any of the tracks you will be great, Only Prob with Fancy That is that i dont have but i will give you link to where a lot of my tracks are as AAA_Cecil_Turtle has a web site for his favourite Track makers. I think you did welcome me to VRT when i was on MDX one day. you may also have tracks the i made under a different Name as i have a few aliases, Ray gave me a new page where i could upload them. the main one being (MasterBlaster) and (YE_OLDE OLD_TIMER) i already have 4 Nats to upload that i have been playing about with for about 6 Months and since i had stroke things take a lot longer to do

    • Man, I’m sorry to hear about your stroke. As far working on your new tracks, please take your time? I’ve found those are moments to savor, and the less of a rush you’re in, the better the tracks come out. If I can help out with the tracks, please let me know? I’m slower now than I was in the old days, but I still enjoy beta testing.

  15. Just came across this site while searching for some old school mcm2 tracks. Great job. I noticed you had a contest tracks page somewhere here but cannot find it, im a little retarded but can you link me im trying to find a track called “Inside Out SX” also looking for FOD 1 and 2 if you got them.
    Again nice site

    • Hiya Ryan, I’m glad you found the place! So cool to see how many great racers and creators stumble in here, and thanks for the compliments too. I am working on a quick search link in the menu for Tournament Tracks, but I don’t think this is what you’re asking for. I do have this option though, you can type the word contest in the search bar on the top right of any page here, and it will bring up a page of track names that were used in contests. Click the track name to go to that tracks page. Here’s what that search should generate:

      For the other tracks you’re looking for, here’s their links:
      Inside Out
      Field Of Dreams Round 1
      Field Of Dreams Round 2

  16. What’s happening guys? I too came across this website after I found my old MCM2 disc and installed it on my old PC. Thanks for having some of my old tracks! I’m gonna try to get my 3.5 yr old nephew playing them and hopefully get him into dirt bikes like when I was a kid. If anybody wants to get in contact with me (or ride some time in mcm2) hit me up on facebook.

    Just mention who you are first

    • Hiya Flyin! Thanks for stopping in. Make yourself at home. There’s a lot more tracks to be uploaded here, and I’m sure I have more of yours in the archives somewhere. I’ll try to keep you posted when I upload more of your tracks. Good idea on starting the little guy young (unless his mom gets upset), those of us who had early roots in the sport know how lucky we were.

  17. Hey guys! Great site, seems like the place everyone is since MDx went down. I’ve been looking for a track by Wayne, think it was called Dagrange National? I know it had lap times around 3 minutes or so. If anyone has it that would be great!

    • Hiya kamakazebob, I know Wayne stops in every now and then, but if you’re in a hurry to get the track you can try checking the links to the right under More Track Hosts. I would try to find it for you but I’ve only got my cell phone for now. I’ll be home in a week and I will try to find the track for you then. Welcome to the site, make yourself at home, and help yourself to anything you want. Take Care…. Thrash Hard!!

  18. What a fantastic site McD massive props to you.
    I just wish i could get mcm2 to run on this damm pc of mine but tried all the memory stuff 2gb maximum etc it just doesnt want to know. Shame really as would love to banga few laps round 747 conair whippen hill and the many other superb tracks.



    • Westy, Thanks for stopping in, Great to see ya again! Sorry to hear about the MCM2 trouble. I do know two forums where you might see a solution, one is this thread at VitalMX, and the other is the forum at TwistedDIRT. If no solution is found, then TwistedDIRT is probably the best place to post your system specs and errors. If I see your post then I’ll contribute what I can to help out. Also, I’ll add your solution to my Help page here if it’s cool with you. While writing this post lots of awesome memories of great old battles came back to mind, so thanks for stopping and saying Hi. Hope to have you up and running again, would love to say “HWG” again!! Take Care … Thrash Hard!!

    • Hiya Kamakazebob!! Massive thanks for sharing this!!! I’ll check to see what’s there that I can add to the site. The updates have been waiting too long to share with all of you dedicated fans. We’ve got a three day weekend coming up here in the U.S., so I need to bring this back to the front burner. Thanks again Man! Take Care … Thrash Hard!!

    • Sure is, it just sleeps a lot. WFO, Great to see ya man! BTW, I still have a ToDo list item to put you and your tracks in the Legendary Creators menu. No idea when this will happen though, so no promises yet.

  19. hey guys, we are 5-8 riders everynight on GameRanger to play mcm 2 !! COme and have fun

    for more info about the community go to facebook group:

    MCM II Revival

    • Thanks for remembering the site here Banjo, and keeping it in the loop. I don’t use facebook, so I’ll have to figure out how to get the link to post it here at the top of this page. Take Care!

    • Hi Geo, welcome to the site. I left your post “as is” like I do for everyone, but you have your e-mail address in it. Please let me know if you ever need me to remove your address from your post. Take care.


    • Hiya João!

      Good to see ya, and thanks for stopping in. I don’t know if you spotted it yet, but you’re in the Quick Search menu. ;) Here’s a link in case the menu gives you trouble. Cheers to the awesome thrash sessions we used to have. All my best to you and Portugal. We can always chat Twisted Dirt’s Forum on if you’d like.


      • Ya i saw that im in the Legendary Creators ehehe . Nice site that you did here , with alot of tracks and its working very well for me . I just downloaded all of my tracks now to do some laps again . Some times im here to download some tracks but its the first time i post here .
        yep we had some awesome thrash sessions and some weeks ago i was seeing 2 vcr races with us and other riders too in Reoccurring Nightmare track and Rats Hole mx park , ahhaha it was nice see that races from what ?? maybe 2002 or 2003 .
        About the Trivia:”Quick! Think of three things you love to ride! … The picture for this track always did give”
        It was not intentional when i did the track but yee it makes sense 100% ahahhaaa and it has bees there too lol

        :D cyaaa

  20. Awesome job I’ve got to get MCM2 onto a pc and show it off to my kids. I spent countless hours playing Mcm1 back in the day. Really wish I had all the old tracks

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